Hike Montecito don Soron and of the Cacao

Enjoy an unparalleled adventure exploring the Trail of the Cacao and Montecito Don Soron. Mingle with the nature and the landscape to really get to know it and learn about how to conserve species, promote cocoa farming and strengthen organic producers.


With this tour you can get to know the reserve without having to climb all the way up to the summit. To prepare your energies cool down with a rich organic toast while you get explained  the process of organic cocoa.


Now we invite you to visit the tree-nursery, where they breed thousands of plants for reforestation programs and cocoa plantations.


Enjoy a piece of cocoa where you can see and touch the fruit from which chocolate is extracted.


Advance a little and you are already in contact with living nature. Enjoy nature with all your senses: Feel the scent of flowers and let you bask in the fresh air. 

Hear the sound of birdsong and taste the clear water just out from the source. It's magic!


We know you're hungry! Do not worry, we have prepared a typical and delicious lunch for you.

While you eat you can meet the cultural traditions of the people and share the customs. 



appx: 2 hours



appx: 2km



Rancho Don Lulu 



Entrance to the reserve - 100$ DR

Guide (for every group smaller than 15 people) - 700$ DR 



Typical Dominican lunch, served at Rancho Don Lulu - 350$ DR 


Está ubicada a unos 15 kms al Nordeste de la ciudad de San Francisco de Macorís, República Dominicana.


Mapa entero: 



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