Hike to the clouds

For those who enjoy fully the pleasure of feeling great to be at the top, we've got the perfect adventure. Join us for a narrow interpretive trail that leads to the summit of Pico Quita Espuela!


To start the tour, we make a brief stop at the Visitor Center where you can see an exhibition on the fauna and flora of the reserve.You can also buy souvenirs of the Loma Quita Espuela.


In the beginning of the journey we pass through the area of cocoa, where you can watch how the fruit is grown which is needed to prepare delicious chocolate.


Having completed half  of the trail, we will find a shack for resting where we can enjoy beautiful views over the Cibao valley.


Later, we enter one of the most beautiful and unique venues in the country, the rain- and cloud-forest, composed of trees, orchids, bromeliads and mosses.



Reaching the peak, you should be proud of having arrived the summit which is 942 meters high. You are very close to the clouds!


After climbing up the observation tower, taking pictures and enjoying a stunning panoramic view, it goes back down, we reach a stream of clear fresh water in which  you can enjoy a relaxing bath.



Once we have come back, you should feel pretty hungry. How about you try our typical lunch prepared at the restaurant of Rancho Don Lulu. 





Time needed:

approx. 7 hrs


Distance traveled:

approx. 6 kms



Rancho Don Lulu



Entrance to the reserve - 100$ DR

Guide (for every group smaller than 15 people) - 700$ DR



Typical Dominican lunch, served at Rancho Don Lulu - 350$ DR 


Please note:

It is required to be in good physical condition to climb to the top of Pico Loma Quita Espuela.


Está ubicada a unos 15 kms al Nordeste de la ciudad de San Francisco de Macorís, República Dominicana.


Mapa entero: 



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