Enjoy the nature with all your senses


Our main goals are:

  • To promote and regulate the access of visitors, foreign and domestic, to the reserve.
  • Provide an understanding of the visitor about the tangible value of the reserve and on the urgent need for its conservation.
  • Involve local residents in the development and benefits of ecotourism activities.
  • Contributing to environmental education in local schools.


We have a corps of community ecotourism guides, properly trained, a visitor center and food service. There are two paths arranged for access to the reserve, the Hike to the Clouds and the Hike of Cocoa (Montecito Don Soron trail).


What offers a visit to the Loma Quita Espuela Scientific Reserve?


  • To explore the rainforest.
  • Learn about the endemic flora and fauna.
  • Hike to the top of the mountain.
  • Views over the Cibao valley.
  • Hikes of two or more days.


Location of the reserve

Please follow the link to see the entire map of the area:




Está ubicada a unos 15 kms al Nordeste de la ciudad de San Francisco de Macorís, República Dominicana.


Mapa entero: 



Fundación Loma Quita Espuela, Inc.


C/ Dr. Luis E. Carrón

Urb. Almánzar

Apdo Postal 236

San Francisco de Macorís,

República Dominicana


Tel.: 809-588-4156

Fax.: 809-588-6008


E-Mail: lomaquitaespuela@gmail.com