Vegetable gardens in schools

In cooperation with the Department of Education (Ministerio de Educación) and bank-financed by “Ademi” the foundation´s concept concerning vegetable school gardens is running since 2013.


Herefore school gardens will be created in selected schools in the country side and in the city, San Francisco de Marcorís.

The project is coordinated by one expert of the foundation and is attended by two more collaborators. The students, the teachers and the school´s personal create together the bed, prepare the land and build fences.

Before the sowing the students are informed with workshops and presentations about the relevance about balanced diet and ecological cultivation.


In the last 30 years the Dominican Republic has developed from a dependent insular state to an independent that doesn´t need as much imported food as in the years before. Til today there is still very much potential as high earth quality and advantageous weather conditions which isn´t used.


The school garden programme shall animate the students to deal with healthy food, become more independent and self-reliant and recognize the possibilities concerning agriculture and market gardening.

At the same time it´s about sensibility for the treatment concerning nature, plants and water exploitation.

Especially in these days the quality relating to ecological agriculture, balanced diet and chemicals unloaded food is growing.


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